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Marketing Techniques Especially For the Specialist Medical & Plastic Surgery Industry

How Little Known Techniques Can Trigger Referrals For Your Practice

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    Make word of mouth marketing child's play regardless of what you have tried before.
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    Never beg your existing clients for an introduction ever again.
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    Orchestrate Client Referrals Without Even Speaking To Them.
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    Harness the Referral Compounding effect for Your Practice
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    So You Can Have Qualified & Keen Prospects Making Appointments in 30 days or less

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How Many New Clients Went To Other Clinics Last Month That Could Have Been Yours?

Are You Helping Grow Your Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Practice With Referrals?

If you’re not orchestrating referrals for your Cosmetic Surgery Practice, you are leaving a huge chunk of potential clients on the table for your competitors to scoop up.

Communications giant Verizon (US) released data from their own research (in 2014) that concluded that the most effective way of attracting new customers (& not just new leads) was by word of mouth (ie. Referral) marketing.

Referral marketing topped their poll at 85%, followed by Search engines at a distant 59%. The remaining crumbs went to Social Media (33%), Email Marketing (29%), Direct Mail and Yellow Pages at 24%.

The kicker here is that less than 6% of businesses polled had any kind of systems in place to orchestrate their own "word of mouth" (Referral) marketing. An equally significant fact, referral prospects are also easier to convert into clients than any other methods of attracting new prospects.

The conversion ratio of someone responding to one of your ads or someone who contacts you through your website, usually ranges between 15 percent and 30 percent, which means 70% to 85% of these prospects walk away.

The conversion rates of a trusted “word of mouth” referral can go as high as 80 percent.

This is especially true for the marketing of medical, Cosmetic and the Plastic Surgery industry.

Not only do referrals close easier, they are often far better qualified to become your patients than a cold prospect who arrives via any other marketing 

Verison Client Acquisition Survey-Data

channels. The added influence of a word of mouth introduction should not be ignored.

These people are already sold on you and your practice by your existing clients who refer them.They are already familiar with the results you can deliver and have been advised by someone they already trust who has had you perform a procedure on them already.

They are primed, ready to take action.

Why Do So Few Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinics Grow Their Business With Referrals This Way? You likely already know.Why most practices don't take advantage of this potential gold mine is…

Read the Rest in the Strategic Guide To Orchestrating Referrals, Marketing for the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Industry.

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