Exponential Advice For Your Business – Future Proof Marketing Rocks!

Exponential Advice For Your Business

In business today you cannot just follow “the trends” (in marketing too).

You cannot just adopt “best practice”.

You have to go further, go faster and indeed do things better.

We hear a lot of talk about exponentials, we do live the time of exponential growth. How do we apply this to our marketing and growing our business?

Put simply there are two paths to follow.

We have to help 10 times as many people as we do now or help the people we work with (or potentially work with) 10 times better.

Yes But How?

How can we deliver our services using exponential thinking?

How do you multiply your effectiveness to help our clients ten times better?

A big question I know and the answer will vary from one business to the next.

A clue to the answer though is it will not happen by continuing to do the same things in the same way as you do now.

The result of finding the answer though, a logical conclusion from this approach, is we will, by default, attract more clients and eventually have 10 times as many people working with us anyway.

Exponential Mission Accomplished, Well Started Anyway

Most businesses make incremental changes and this, in turn, leads to incremental improvement and incremental growth.

Trouble is, the expectations of our prospects and our clients have risen dramatically.

Expectations have gone ballistic in fact. So to break the bad news to you, incremental improvement will go 100% unnoticed by your people and therefore is a waste of time.

So What is The Answer?

To help us achieve our goals, all we have to do is help them (our prospects) reach theirs.

This means delivering exactly what your clients need. No more than this and equally important, no less either.

You are the expert in your field, you know how much or how little of your product or service your clients need.

You have to position yourself so you can be just that.

If you go see the doctor and he offers you a choice medicine A or medicine B as a solution for your complaint.

Do you thank him for the choice?

Or do you say “Come on Doc, which one should I have”?

Of course, you do. You go to the doctor for an answer, not multiple choice.

You and your business are the doctor for your clients. Provide an answer, the right answer. Not what’s best for you. Not what you have most of this month in the warehouse. Not what makes you the biggest commission.

What is BEST for them.

Do this and you will own your prospects.

You take on the responsibility of ensuring this happens for all your clients and all of a sudden, you are no longer a service provider. You become a trusted advisor.

Transactions become relationships and relationships will have you introduced to similar prospects from your client’s tribe (referrals – true).

It’s common knowledge these days, in business, we have to focus on our customers and do the best we can for them.

Unfortunately, many businesses talk the talk but they don’t walk the talk.

We fall back to the old sins, the old model. Beating our chests, telling our prospects how great we are, how awesome our service.

Talk is Cheap – Money Buys Houses

Talk is cheap, money buys housesTalking yourself up doesn’t prove to your prospects that you are the business they need and not the Doctor they want for this problem.

The only way you can do this is to deliver results for them in advance.

By delivering these results in advance, this opens the door to establishing a relationship (and not just a transaction).

This in itself is an exponential improvement in the treatment of our prospects.


Because nine out of ten of your competition does absolutely nothing for their prospects upfront, nothing at all (remember “the Great I Am” scenario).

Results in advance at this first point of contact re not just an exponential improvement over your competition, they are an infinite improvement.

Providing Results in Advance / Zero Help At All = Infinity,  That’s a take away right there by the way

That’s a take away there by the way.

As I mentioned above, people’s expectations have risen, yours included. Think about it.

If we want to stay relevant in the coming years and be successful, help serve your prospects (and indeed your clients) better than you have in the past.

More importantly ten times better than anyone else in your industry.

To grow exponentially, you have to completely change the way you do things.

Let me say it again.

Improving what you do now, will lead to incremental change. This leads to incremental growth. And incremental growth will go unnoticed by your prospects and your clients and as such, it is a waste of time, effort and resources.

This places large organisations at a disadvantage, sorry chaps…

The flip side of this is a definite advantage to small and medium-sized enterprises. Well, the ones not too steeped in their ways.

What are you doing with your business today, tomorrow and for the rest of this year that will help service your prospects and indeed your clients ten times better than you have in the past.

Ten times better than anyone else in your marketplace these are the questions you need to ask yourself.

Make the change in your industry before someone else does it for you. Don’t stay sitting on the sidelines, don’t volunteer by lack of action to next the next Kodak.

Think about it…